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Hypnosis to lose weight

Date: August 24, 2021
Author: Mind 360

What If You Could Reprogram Your Mind Without Pain & Discomfort, and use Hypnosis to lose weight ?

What if you gave yourself a couple of hours to sit back and relax and have your unconscious mind reprogrammed to respond or react in better, healthier, more manageable ways? Well, you absolutely can!

Hypnotherapy to release unwanted behaviour such as anxiety is an amazing solution and has worked on SO MANY people already. And you can have the sessions right in your very own home!

You can set yourself free from Anxiety or Anxiety related habits without leaving your home.

I work with clients right across Australia and overseas and the video session option is a brilliant option for hypnosis. Having your session in the comfort of your own home with ear buds/headphones is just as effective as face to face. There is no difference because the only tool I have is my voice.

So do you want to lose weight and keep it off? I will show you how 'acquiring' a Virtual Gastric Band (through hypnosis) is all in the mind and how powerfully effective it is.

You may know someone who has had Gastric Band surgery, or at least be familiar with it, but have you heard of Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) Hypnosis?

This groundbreaking VGB treatment was developed in Europe in the 1990s, and since then it has been further developed and fine-tuned so now it’s highly effective! In fact, studies show a success rate of over 90%!

As with all our treatments, the VGB hypnosis program is specifically tailored to the individual and covers issues which are relevant to the client, such as: motivation, sugar addiction, stress eating and metabolism.
Using hypnosis, it works by virtually putting a band around the stomach so that it is the size of a golf ball and you get full fast!  This is so powerful that after the virtual “operation”, my clients will often comment on a “post-op” twinge in their stomach.

Did you know your stomach’s natural size is the same size as a golf ball? We only need small amounts of food to live and be healthy. As a society we overeat, which is why obesity is such a huge issue.  Many clients come to me because they have been programmed to have their meal portion sizes oversized and are often in the habit of going back for seconds. They often snack, comfort eat, mindlessly eat…

If you think about this: You wouldn’t go to the petrol station and fill your car with fuel and when it is full keep pumping the petrol in so that it overflows throughout the car.

But if you keep forcing food into your body and keep overeating, then that is what you do to your body. Making your body like a tired old worker who doesn’t stop working… a tired old worker trying to get through everything … overloaded … so looking forward to that time when everything is done and they can relax … but then someone gives them the next thing to do … and if you eat non-stop then your body, your digestive system, is a little like that worker. It never gets any real time off before there is another job to do … another thing to process… never getting any down time … never getting any real time off.

When I work with clients throughout this program, they go from large portion sizes, mindless eating and not giving their tired bodies any real time off, to finding they are satisfied with three small meals per day.  This program works because it rewires the brain’s unconscious programming.  It breaks up that patterning that has been ingrained over a lifetime!  You are no longer battling with that unconscious patterning and using willpower.

If you would like to know more about our Weight Loss Hypnosis, or VGB Hypnotherapy services please contact Mind360 for an appointment

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