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Are you ready to transform your life with our Hypnosis Services ?

positively impact your life with our hypnotherapy sydney services

We work on the inner to transform the outer

Our Hypnotherapy Sydney services will quickly, safely and permanently change your life for the better. Whether your need is to quit smoking for good, lose weight and reach your desired weight or eliminate your anxiety, fear or phobias our Hypnosis services can help you today.
quit smoking hypnotherapy

quit smoking hypnosis

There is a long list of benefits when you quit smoking. Even with that knowledge, most still find it hard to quit smoking. We can help you lose the desire to smoke and quit smoking without cravings or withdrawals.
Hypnosis is one of the best ways and safest ways to quit smoking easily.
weight control hypnotherapy
weight loss hypnosis
Our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy services will help you to feel healthier than you have every felt before, by helping you desire to eat food that is in harmony with your body.
With Hypnotherapy for weight loss, we can show you how to ensure changes made are easy to maintain and help you keep your desired weight. 
anxiety trauma hypnotherapy
anxiety & trauma hypnosis
With our Anxiety Hypnosis you can eliminate your anxiety, fear and phobias for good allowing you to live your life free from Anxiety.
Our Trauma Hypnosis including PTSD will help you to become more confident and empowered and help you to rewire your brain so the changes are easy and permanent.

What our clients are saying

Simon Peacock

I had a great result & a really nice experience with Muna & Mind 360 Hypnotherapy.
It worked for me so i can only recommend you give it a try.

Sohel Ali

Best decision i have ever made to go ahead with this therapy with Muna. Would highly recommend to anyone who’s struggling to quit smoking.

Kate Holden

Muna is such a humble human and is determined to help you in anyway possible! If you’re on the fence about hypnotherapy I highly recommend you book in with Muna! :) xx

are you ready to make the change ?

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