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trauma anxiety hypnotherapy SYDNEY

Trauma hypnosis sYDNEY

Helping you gain control again with Hypnosis

Our Trauma Anxiety Hypnotherapy Sydney services help many people plagued by Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Phobias, PTSD and other related issues like Insomnia. 

hypnotherapy for anxiety trauma

Gaining control of your life again with Hypnotherapy

Both Trauma and Anxiety can seriously affect the quality of life, work and relationships making it difficult to go on with day to day activities.

People with Trauma and Anxiety problems try to think their way out of the situation, hoping they can get control over their mind and their fears. However these issues are actually beyond your conscious control.

Our Trauma Hypnosis Sydney services allows you to access and reprogram patterns and triggers associated with Trauma and Anxiety. There are deep, unconscious triggers and processes that cause them. Trauma Hypnotherapy allows you to access and reprogram these patterns and triggers at an unconscious level empowering you to make meaningful, positive changes in your life.

About your hypnotherapy session

Our Trauma Anxiety Hypnotherapy initial session takes about up to 2 hours, in your session we will discuss
In your first session, I will:
Discuss your specific issues and anxiety and/or trauma
Uncover your unconscious triggers and patterns, and their causes
Explain the process and how it works
Guide you through a relaxing and pleasant hypnosis

are you ready to make the change ?

Contact me if you have more questions about hypnotherapy and how it could help you
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